Manage Two-Step Verification

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Two-step verification is available for anyone who uses Planning Center. An Organization Administrator can see which Administrators have it enabled, and they can deactivate the verification if someone loses their backup code.

For more information about two-step verification, check out this video.

Who Has Two-Step Verification Enabled?

An Organization Administrator can see who has two-step verification enabled from the Administrators tab.

From the Product Users section, look for the green lock icon to see if someone has two-step verification enabled.


A red unlock icon means that person has not yet activated two-step verification.

Deactivate Two-Step Verification for a Person

An Organization Administrator can deactivate two-step verification for a person who has lost their emergency backup code.

Go to the person's Planning Center People profile. From the Actions dropdown, click deactivate two-step verification.

actions_deactivate 2sv_arrow.png

You'll see a pop-up to confirm the deactivation, and once you click Deactivate, the person will no longer have the two-step verification in place.

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