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Security for your account is extremely important. To protect the information stored within your account, anyone given permissions will use a login method to log in and have the opportunity to enable Two-Step Verification. 

You can help protect your account and the data stored within it by assisting your staff and volunteers with their login information if they run into any roadblocks.

Manage Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification is available for anyone who uses Planning Center. An organization administrator can see which administrators have it enabled, and they can deactivate the verification if someone loses their backup code.

For more information about two-step verification, check out this video.

An organization administrator can see who has enabled two-step verification from the People page in the Account settings. Organization administrators and billing managers are listed in the Administrators tab, and everyone with login access to specific products, except Services, can be found in the Product Users tab.

The Login Verification column indicates a person's two-step verification status.



To see the two-step verification status of people who can log into Services, create a List in People using the following rules.


Two-step verification is an important layer of security for your account. Encourage those who have not yet enabled two-step verification to set it up by creating a List in People and then emailing those individuals.

Use these rules to create your list.



Only billing managers will not appear on this list.

Deactivate Two-Step Verification for a Person

An organization administrator can deactivate two-step verification for someone who has lost their emergency backup code.

Go to the person's profile in People. From the Actions dropdown, select Deactivate two-step verification.

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You'll see a pop-up to confirm the deactivation. Once you select Deactivate, the person will no longer have the two-step verification in place, and they can proceed with setting up a new two-step verification method.


Organization administrators must have two-step verification enabled for their own profile before deactivating it for another person.

Manage a Person's Login Method

Each person who has permissions to access your account will log in using their login method. A login method can be any email or phone number listed on a person's profile. When they log in for the first time, the contact information they use becomes their login method. 

To view a person's login method, open their profile information from any product by selecting the Actions dropdown to the right of their name, followed by Edit Profile.


If a person is having trouble logging in, select Provide help to walk through various options to help them. 



They forgot their password.

Send this person a password reset email.

They need to change their login email.

Send instructions to this person to change their login email.

They can't log in because of two-step verification.

Turn off two-step verification for this person.

They can't login, can't reset their password, and can't access their login email.

Update this person's login email after verifying information through safety checks.


Any time a person's login method is updated, this event will be tracked in the Security History log found on the People page in Account Settings.

Merging Duplicate Profiles

If a person has duplicate profiles that use different login methods, they will need to change the login methods to be the same before the profiles can be merged.

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