Transition a Campus to a Church Plant

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If you have a campus that needs to become its own church, you need to create a separate Planning Center account for it. With some planning and preparation, you can make the transition smooth for everyone affected by the coming changes.

Special Church Plant Pricing

An Organization Administrator in the new church plant account can contact the support team to get six months free for the 1st or 2nd pricing package of any of our products.

1. Prepare for Staff Transitions

If you have some changes in leadership and administrative roles, share the Preparing for Staff Transitions guide in an email to transitioning staff members and volunteers as a checklist of everything they need to hand off before they leave. This will help keep any current processes they were responsible for from breaking.


If some people will be active in both churches, they can link their Planning Center accounts to easily switch between them.

2. Prepare People Profiles

Even if you're still physically meeting in combined spaces, have people interact with the system using their "home campus" to prepare for the switch.

Move Donors

Set up Giving in the new account, and then communicate the date that the switch will happen. Between now and that time, you can consider how or if you need to transfer donation history.

Transfer Donation History

Decide if you want to move donation history from one campus to another based on answers to these questions:

  • What time of the year is the new church starting?

    You may need to consider issuing end-of-year statements from each church for the donors that move.

  • Do you need the previous donations to show up on the new campus?

    If so, you can transfer members' donation history using a third-party import tool or by entering donations into batches.

Start Accepting Donations

When you're ready to start accepting donations at the new church, you can get the word out to your transitioning members.

  1. Create a list in People of everyone assigned to the transitioning campus

  2. Send out the link to the new church's donation form.

Most will already be familiar with the system, so they can log out of the current account in Church Center and log in to the new one. From there, they can give online, access transferred history, and recreate recurring donations.

3. Transfer Events

If you're using campus tags in Calendar, you can export events with that tag, and then import the events into the new account.

  1. From the Table View, filter the events by the ones with the church plant tag.

  2. Export the events to an iCal Feed.

  3. Import the iCal feed into the new account.

Manually create any rooms and resources in the new account, and then assign them to the imported events.

Use reports to see details about any rooms and resources you need to recreate in the new account all in one place.


Copy text out of the reports to paste into Calendar to speed up the recreation process.

Recreate Services

Due to information ownership laws, most of the data for Services in the original account can't be shared or exported, so it will need to be recreated manually in the new account.

Here are some things you can do to make the process as easy as possible.

  • Create the teams, service type(s), templates, plans, and songs you'll need to use when the church launches. Check your Services subscription level to make a plan that fits within its limits.

  • Manually copy Music Stand annotations in the new account.

  • Export a list of the songs in the original account as a list to work from while adding songs to the new account.



    Expand the columns menu to choose which information you want to export about each song.

4. Remove the Campus

Once all of the data has been transitioned into the new church account, you can remove it as a campus in the original account's settings.

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