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Removing a campus from Planning Center requires more than just deleting it from Account settings. Review the ways to prepare for closing a campus, and then follow the steps to delete it from Planning Center.

Prepare Each Product

After you've communicated the campus change to your congregation, you need to prepare them to interact with your church differently. Create a list of people who have used Church Center and send them an announcement about what to do since the campus is closing.

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Giving them next steps is very important because when the campus is deleted, anyone that's logged into the campus will instantly be logged out, and links you've shared that were filtered by the campus will revert to the main page instead of the campus page.

Before you completely delete the campus from Planning Center, follow the steps for each product.


If you have campus tags set up, create a non-campus tag for the deleted campus, and then use the bulk edit option to swap these tags on associated evens.

Once the campus is removed, any events using the campus as the event location will no longer have a location associated with them.

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  • Close event locations and archive events specific to that campus.


    Do not delete locations that have any previous check-in data, or you will lose all history.

  • Update or delete any campus-specific station and templates.


If you'd like to filter donations made at the removed campus, create a label for the campus and apply it to those donations accordingly.

Once the campus is removed, campus stamps will be deleted from donations and donors assigned to that campus will be moved to "Campus unassigned" in the campus filter on the Dashboard.



Update any campus-related tags or group types.


Filter the lists, workflows, and forms by campus. Delete lists, archive forms to keep the data, and make a new category for workflows.

  • Automations that assign profiles to that campus will be deleted.

  • Lists using the campus as a condition in their rules will stop running completely. Those lists cannot be refreshed until that campus condition is removed by one of the list's managers.


    Automations on those lists will be paused when the rules are edited. Un-pause the automation after the rules are fixed, and they will run the next time the list is refreshed.

  • Any form submission where that campus was an answer will show as "[Deleted Campus]" instead.

  • If a form has a conditional field based on that specific campus selection, the condition settings will be changed to "is answered".

Once the campus is removed, the following will occur:

. Profiles

Profiles can be assigned to campuses. In order to retain the previous campus information, use a custom field.

  1. Create a custom field called "Past Campus" with the old campus as one of the options.

  2. Create a list to find everyone currently assigned to that campus.

  3. Perform a bulk action in the list results to update that new "Past Campus" custom field for those profiles.

Profiles previously assigned to the removed campus will be changed to Not set or Unassigned in the campus field.


Archive campus-specific pages in and update your home page if you manually added campus information to it.


Adjust signups to have a new location, category, and campus from the About tab.

  1. Change the location from the campus to a specific location.

  2. Update the signup category to reflect any changes.

  3. Update the campus in the signup's settings.


If you've set up folders by campus, take the following actions before removing the campus:

  • Archive each service type in the folder, and then delete the campus folder.

  • If you want to use the service types in the future, rename the service type with the campus name and move them out of the folder. Then you can archive them.

Delete a Campus

An Organization Administrator can delete the campus from the Account settings. Go to the Church Campuses tab on the Organization page, and click the edit pencil next to the campus you want to remove.

edit campus_arrow

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the red Delete button to remove the campus permanently.

Campus delete button_arrow.png

A warning modal will remind you of what will happen when the campus is removed. Click the red Yes, delete this campus button to complete the process and permanently remove the campus.

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