Multiple Accounts or Multiple Campuses

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If your church meets in more than one location, is it better to create a separate Planning Center account for each location or create another campus within your existing account?

Which is best for our church?

Which of the following scenarios best fits your church's situation?

  • You have a lot crossover between your separate campuses. If you have staff or volunteers consistently serving at multiple sites, we recommend that you use a single account. Data can't be shared or synced between multiple accounts, so having one account is often easier to manage. This will also help keep your overall costs down.
  • Your campuses have separate financial or licensing information. If your campuses have separate Tax ID numbers, bank accounts, or copyright licenses, these are valid reasons for having separate accounts. Your church staff can have profiles in both accounts and link them together for easy access.

Separate Planning Center accounts cannot be merged after they are created. This is another great reason to use separate campuses instead of separate accounts, if possible.

See the following articles for instructions on setting up a new campus or account:

Managing Multiple Campuses

Campuses can be used to help organize your church information in each of the Planning Center products. However, campus information will only show up across products if more than one campus is added. 

The table below describes how campuses are used in different Planning Center products.

Multiple Campus Features Links for More Information
You can associate folders and tags with a campus and run Services LIVE for more than one location.
Working with Multiple Campuses
You can use labels and funds to designate donations for a specific campus.
Using Labels to Track Donations
Managing Funds

Campuses are listed on a person’s profile and used in lists and workflows.

Using Campuses to Organize Lists

Using Campuses to Organize Workflows

Assigning People to Campuses

Assign events to specific campuses so congregants can easily find events at their campus.

Changing Event Settings

Campuses that have the same times can use separate folders in the same event. If campuses have different times, separate events need to be created.
Settings in Events

You can set up a folder structure to keep track of your room and resources and add tags to events for each campus. 

Setting Up Multiple Campuses
You can use tags to designate groups and set locations for specific campuses.
Setting Locations

Using Tags to Find Groups
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