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When your account is created, a unique churchcenter.com URL is generated to host your groups, events, forms, online donations, and more. You can use the provided URL or choose your own in the account settings, and then share your Church Center web pages with your congregation and guests.


You can use Publishing to customize your home page, add custom pages, host live sermon streams, and create a library of videos or audio from previous services.

Which Pages Can I Link or Embed?

Link to Church Center pages from your church website or embed them into your website, depending on the page.

Accessing Links

Linking Examples

When adding links to your church website, you can link directly to specific Church Center pages. Add links to particular groups, events at a campus, a category of signups, or a specific donation fund to make it easier for people to find relevant information.


Linking to https://yoursubdomain.churchcenter.com always takes people to your home page in Church Center.

The following sections have some examples of specific Church Center pages you can link to on other websites or share in email with your church.

Main Product Pages

Here are some examples of how those pages look on Church Center:

Specific Page Links

Here are a few examples of ways that you can link to the unique Church Center pages for your church:

  • On your church calendar, you can link the Winter Camp event to: https://yoursubdomain.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/1345

  • On your page about small groups, you can link your Find a Group button to https://yoursubdomain.churchcenter.com/groups/small-groups


If an event or form is duplicated, the URL will change, and you'll need to update the links on your website.

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