New for Church Center: URL Schemes

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A custom URL scheme allows end users a way to open the Church Center App from another app.

Church Center App for both iOS and Android now supports URL Schemes. Using these specially formatted URLs will allow you to create links to the Church Center App from your other apps. Some churches have mentioned that they have a separate mobile app their church uses, but for certain things, they would like to redirect their congregants to the Church Center App. With URL Schemes, you can do that.

It's important to note that these links won't work for your congregants if they don't already have the Church Center App installed on their device. Provided your congregant has installed the app, then tapping a URL Scheme link redirects the user accordingly.

To open the Church Center App from a URL Scheme, the link would be:


Here are the other currently supported list of URL Schemes:


Contact your app developer on how they can use URL schemes to work with Church Center.

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