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Church Center holds all the public-facing components of Planning Center, such as registration for events, donor information, group pages, and forms.

Only an Organization Administrator for your church will be able to set this up.

The Church Center app is available for your church members to manage their profile information, any events they've registered for, their donations, and any groups they attend or lead.

Check out the video to see what it looks like for people to use the Church Center app, and then follow the steps below to set it up.


To allow congregants to find your church on the Church Center app, go to the Church Center tab.

  1. Check the box to Enable Church Center app.
  2. Choose the apps you'd like to enable.
  3. Ask your church members to download the app for free on Android or iOS.
  4. To fully complete the setup, add at least one campus with a campus logo, description, and service times.

If your church is not subscribed to one of the apps, click Manage Subscriptions to choose a pricing package that works for you.

To start using Church Center as a website, enter your personalized Church Center URL.

church center web

Your Church Center URL is used by many of our apps, so make it memorable and relative to your church.

To allow people to give with Apple Pay, ensure your organization has received approval to use Apple Pay from Apple, and then check the box. Enabling Apple Pay also allows your Church Center users on iOS to give directly within the app instead of being sent to their mobile browser.

Apple Pay is always enabled in supported browsers for Registrations.

apple pay

Once you've made any changes to this tab, click Save Changes.

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