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Church Center allows your church members to manage their profile information, donations, events they've registered for, and groups they attend or lead. They can also view a church calendar or directory and fill out forms. An Organization Administrator can enable Church Center in Accounts.

Church Center Web and App

Church Center is available from the web and also as an app that your congregants can download for free.

  • The Church Center web provides your congregation access to your church's directory, groups, registrations, donation form, and church calendar.

  • The Church Center app has the same functionality as the web version, plus access to Check-Ins. The app can be downloaded for free to an iOS or Android device.

Check out the video for an intro to the Church Center app, and then follow the steps below to set it up.

Set Up Church Center in Accounts

To allow congregants to find your church on the Church Center web or app, you need to set up your campuses, enable the web and app, and then choose the products you'd like to make available for your congregation on Church Center.

You can also set up Church Center using Planning Center Publishing for a more customized online experience.

1. Enable Church Center

Enable the Church Center app and/or web.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

  1. Check to enable the Church Center App

  2. Check to enable the Church Center Web. Make sure you have at least one campus location for your church.

  3. Enter your personalized church URL.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

Make sure that your URL is memorable and relevant to your church.

2. Set Up Church Center Navigation

Drag and drop feature icons to where you want them to be in the Church Center navigation.

  1. Features in this section will be available from the Church Center navigation.

  2. Features in this section will not show up in the navigation, but you can link to them from other pages on your church website.

  3. Congregants don't have access to features in this section. You can click Manage subscriptions to subscribe to the products that your not yet subscribed to.


If you want to customize your Church Center experience, you can subscribe to Planning Center Publishing. Publishing enables you to add additional custom pages, host live sermon streams, and create a library of videos from previous services on your Church Center site.

To subscribe to Publishing, go to the Church Center tab on the Organization page, and click the Sign up button.

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