Printing Receipts and Viewing Previous Payments

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Organization administrators and billing managers have access to all past payment information from the Payment History tab on the Billing page in the Account Settings. Billing managers receive an email and admin notification each time a payment is made or if a debit is taken from the prepaid balance.


Receipts and statements are sent to all email addresses on a Billing manager's profile.

From the Billing page, select the Payment History tab in the left sidebar to view your full payment history.


Receipts for payments, pre-paid balance debits, and refunds are listed here by date.

When you select a date, you'll see detailed information about that transaction.



If your organization is located in an area that requires sales tax to be charged, that amount appears on these receipts.

If you pre-pay, the monthly cost will be debited from your pre-paid balance each month.



If you are taking over an account or the Billing Manager cannot access their login information, you can find receipts by visiting the Charges Page.

You must know the last four digits of the card on file and your billing zip code.

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