Printing Receipts and Viewing Previous Payments

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Organization Administrators and Billing Managers have access to all past payment information from the Billing tab in Accounts. In addition, the Billing Managers receive an email each time a payment is made or if a debit is taken from the prepaid balance.

From the Billing tab, scroll down to view your payment method and frequency as well as your payment history.


Select any of the dates to view information about that payment.


This receipt is sent to the Billing Manager's email address as well.

If you pay your bill every three months, six months, or yearly, the Billing Manager will receive a receipt each month with information about the amount debited.


If you have access to the last 4 digits of the credit card used as well as your billing zip code, you can find these receipts without logging in by visiting the Charges Page. This is extremely helpful when taking over an account or if the Billing Manager cannot access his or her login information.

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