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This article will show you how to set your church address and add any additional campuses, which can each have their own address and time zone.

You must be an Organization Administrator to access this page. If you are not an Organization Administrator, you'll see a list of the people who are when you go to the Organization Page.

Multiple Campuses or Multiple Accounts?

If your church has more than one location or campus, you might wonder if each campus should have its own Planning Center account or if all the campuses should share a single account.

In most cases, using one account for all of your campuses is the best approach. If your campuses all share a single bookkeeper or a central bank account, then having a single Planning Center account is probably the right course of action for you.

However, if each of your campuses manages its own bookkeeping and has a separate bank account, it is likely a better choice to have a separate Planning Center account for each location.

Add a Church Campus

To add a church campus, go to the Church Campuses tab on the Organization page.

Click Add a Church Campus if you are adding your first campus or Add Another Church Campus if you've already have at least one campus.

Organization Page with Church Campus tab highlighted

Planning Center does not limit the campuses you can have, but if you're adding a campus for the Check-ins Mobile Pass, keep in mind that each Apple Pass can only hold up to 10 addresses.

The campus information that you add will be used by other Planning Center apps to identify the campus, as well as providing information for members logging in with the Church Center app.

Campus Name and Description

If you have more than one campus, you can use a name for each campus that identifies the campus location.

Campus name
  1. If you don't name your campus, it will be named after the city. The campus name will be shown when assigning campuses to Folders in Services.
  2. Add a description that is specific to the campus. This description field can include basic formatting, including hyper-linked, bold, or italic text, as well as bulleted or numbered lists.
  3. Check if you want the campus information to be available in the Church Center app.

Add your church logo or another image that represents the campus.

Click Choose File to browse for an image on your computer.


Images must be in PNG, JPG, or GIF format. Recommended images size is 1920 x 1080.


Add the campus address and time zone.


The time zone is used for Calendar feeds in Services.

When Geolocation is set to Use address, the address is used to determine location to for Mobile Passes to Check-Ins users and for users of the Church Center app to find churches near their location.

If the geolocation service doesn't seem to be working correctly, you can choose Use coordinates from the Geolocation drop down, and enter the coordinates for your church location manually. You can find your latitude and longitude coordinates on Google Maps.

Contact Information

Any contact information that you add will be used to enable Church Center users to call, email, or access the church web site from the app.

A valid website URL's must begin with "https://" (secure sites) or "http://" (non-secured sites).

Conact Info
Service Times

For each service time, click Add, and add the service start time. You can also add an additional note to describe the service time.

Service Times

Edit or Delete a Campus

Once you've added a campus, you can edit any information that has changed by clicking the pencil to the right of the campus.

After making all of your changes, click Save.

Edit Campus

Campus Info in Church Center App

If you've chosen to display campus information in the Church Center app, the church and campus name, campus address, and church website display when someone selects your church in the app.

After the person logs in, they will see the campus name, description, and service times on the Home tab, along with icons that members can use to call or email the church or get directions


See the Church Center article for more information on enabling the Church Center app for your congregation.

Campuses in Other Apps

The table below describes how campuses are used in different Planning Center apps.

Multiple Campus Features Links for More Information
You can associate folders and tags with a campus and run Services LIVE for more than one location.
Working with Multiple Campuses
You can use labels and funds to designate donations for a specific campus.
Using Labels to Track Donations

Managing Funds

Campuses are listed on a person’s profile and used in lists and workflows.

Using Campuses to Organize Lists

Using Campuses to Organize Workflows

Assigning People to Campuses

Assign events to specific campuses so congregants can easily find events at their campus.

Changing Event Settings

Campuses that have the same times can use separate folders in the same event. If campuses have different times, separate events need to be created.
Settings in Events

You can set up a folder structure to keep track of your room and resources and add tags to events for each campus. 

Setting Up Multiple Campuses
You can use tags to designate groups and set locations for specific campuses.
Setting Locations

Using Tags to Find Groups
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