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This article will show you how to set your address and add any additional campuses, which can each have their own address or even time zone.

Campuses are currently used in People, for Check-Ins Mobile Pass, calendar feeds in Services, and to assign Service Type Folders to your campuses. When team members subscribe to their calendar feed, the times they are assigned to will be in the time zone of the campus rather than of the master account.

You must be an Organization Administrator to access this page. If you are not an Organization Administrator, you'll see a list of the people who are when you go to the Organization Page.

Add a Church Campus

Select the Church Campuses tab from the sidebar then Add a Church Campus.

If you already have one church campus, you can select Add another church campus. There is no limit on the amount of campuses that you can have.

Organization Page with Church Campus tab highlighted

If you're adding this for the Check-ins Mobile Pass, please note that each Apple Pass can only hold up to 10 addresses.

Add Campus Details

Add the address as well as the time zone for the campus.

  1. The address is used to know at what location to display Mobile Passes to Check-Ins users.
  2. The time zone is used for Calendar feeds in Services.


The first campus is automatically named after the city, which chan be changed on the edit screen. When adding a second campus or more, you can enter the Campus Name when initially saving the campus. if you don't provide a name, it will also be named after the city automatically.

Edit or Delete a Campus

Once you've added a campus, you can edit it if the information has changed by clicking the pencil to the right of the campus.

Change the name as well as the address and time zone of the location.

  1. If you don't name your campus, it will be named after the City. The Campus name will be shown when assigning campuses to Folders in Services.
  2. If you delete the campus, it cannot be recovered, and all assignments will change to None.
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