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Stripe is the payment processor that collects payments from within Planning Center applications: Registrations uses Stripe to process credit card payments for events that charge a registration fee. Giving uses Stripe in to process credit card donations, debit card donations, and ACH bank transfer donations. Giving also uses Stripe to securely store donor bank information, enabling other functionality like check reading.


Other than the per-transaction fees listed below, there are no monthly volume minimums, no setup fees, termination fees, or any other fees. Stripe's fee is automatically deducted when Stripe transfers funds to your church's bank account in a payout.

US Fees

For US customers, we've negotiated a low rate with Stripe, available in Registrations as well as Giving:

  • 2.15% + $.30/transaction for all credit & debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc).
  • $0.25 per ACH bank transfer. $1 fee for a failed transfer.

ACH bank transfers are only available in Giving.

Canadian Fees

The Canadian dollar is supported in Registrations as well as Giving. ACH bank transfer is not available in Canada.

  • 2.9% (or 2.2%) + $0.30/transaction for Canadian Visa and Mastercards.
  • 2.9% (or 2.7%) + $0.30/transaction for International Visa and Mastercards.
  • 3.5% + $0/transaction for American Express.

If you send documentation of non-profit status to Stripe, you'll be able to secure a the parenthetical rate.

Enable the Stripe Integration

On the Organization page, enable the Stripe Integration from the Integrations tab by selecting Connect to Stripe.

If you've already connected to Stripe, you'll see your account name instead of the Connect to Stripe button.

After you Connect to Stripe, you will be able to log in to your Stripe account or establish a new Stripe account if your church doesn't already have one.

Connect the Stripe account you'll actually be using with Planning Center, even if you're just testing things out. Any test donations or event registrations can be refunded as you try the application.

  1. If you have an existing Stripe account for your organization, there's no need to fill out this form to establish a new Stripe account. Just log in here, hit connect, and Planning Center will immediately be connected to your existing account.
  2. If your organization does not have a Stripe account set up, fill out your information on the page to set up a brand new Stripe account. If you are a non-profit organization, update the business type to reflect that.
  3. Be as accurate as possible here and make sure to enter your EIN number.
  4. Even if your account is listed under a business, Stripe needs information about the actual person who created this Stripe account. While many payment processors have a lengthly application process, Stripe can get you up and running within the day if you verify your identity with as much information as possible.
  5. When people pay you money, this is what will show up on their bank statement. Be short and descriptive here so people know where the charge came from.
  6. Your bank details are used for Stripe Payouts.

Save your information and enable the Stripe Integration by selecting Authorize access to this account once you've entered all your information.

Enable Automatic Transfers

As people donate money in Giving or make purchases in Registrations, money will start accumulating in your Stripe account. In order to automatically have access to that money, enable Automatic transfers in your Stripe account.

As transactions become settled, Stripe transfers a total to your bank (minus Stripe's fees). Stripe calls this a payout. Stripe Payouts occur every couple of days (or every day for busier accounts).

Review the details of these payouts in your Stripe account. These payouts include only the raw financial/transactional data as Stripe doesn't understand who is a donor in Giving or an attendee in Registrations. Also, if you use both Giving and Registrations, all those transactions will be mixed in the same Stripe Payout. Since that's not very useful to a bookkeeper, we've built our own Stripe Payout Reports!

View Stripe Payout Reports

On the Organization page, view your Recent Payouts from Stripe on the Integrations tab.

In these reports, the Stripe Payout is broken up into more useful sections. The Registrations section will show you how much was brought in by each event. The Giving will show a breakdown by fund.

View the Payout Details

When you select Recent Payouts, you'll be taken to a page with dates of payouts. Choose a date from that page to be taken to the Payout Details.

Although the Stripe Payout Reports show helpful summary information, they do not report at the transaction level. For Planning Center Giving, a per-donation detail is available within the Giving application.

Disconnecting from Stripe

Disconnecting from Stripe will instantly break some things:

For Registrations:

  • People will no longer be able to make payments
  • You will no longer be able to issue refunds directly through the application

For Giving:

  • All payment methods for donors will be lost
  • All recurring donations will be put on hold
  • All information on fees for donations will be lost
  • Access to historical Stripe Payout Reports will no longer work.

Since this is such a big change, we require that you contact our Support Team by selecting the ? in the upper right corner of the application to accomplish this task. Let us know you've read this message and understand the ramifications of disconnecting or changing the active Stripe account.

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