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Stripe is the payment processor that collects payments from within Planning Center applications.

  • Registrations uses Stripe to process credit card payments for events that charge a registration fee.

  • Giving uses Stripe to process credit card donations, debit card donations, and ACH bank transfer donations. Stripe also securely stores donor bank information, which enables other functionality like check reading.

Enable the Stripe Integration

In the Integrations tab on the Organization page, click Connect to Stripe.



If you've already connected to Stripe, you'll see your account name instead of the Connect to Stripe button.

After you connect to Stripe, you will be able to log in to your Stripe account or establish a new Stripe account if your church doesn't already have one.

  • If you have an existing Stripe account for your organization, you don't need to fill out the form. Just click Sign in, then Connect, and Planning Center will immediately be connected to your existing account.

  • If you don't have an existing account, fill out the information for your organization, then click Authorize access to this account.


Connect the Stripe account you'll be using with Planning Center, even if you're just testing things out. Changing your Stripe account after setup is difficult and could cause issues with payment methods and refunds.

View Stripe Payout Reports

As people donate money in Giving or make payments in Registrations, money will start accumulating in your Stripe account. As transactions clear, Stripe deposits a total to your bank (minus Stripe's processing fees). Stripe calls these payouts.

On the Integrations tab in the Organization page, you can review the details of these payouts by clicking Recent Payouts in the Stripe section.


In these reports, the Stripe Payout is broken up into sections for Registrations, Giving, and Other Stripe Income.

The Giving section shows a breakdown by fund. The Registrations section shows how much was brought in by each event.



Although the Stripe payout reports show helpful summary information, they do not report at the transaction level. For Giving, per-donation detail is available in the app. For Registrations, the best place to get itemized details is directly in your Stripe account.

Disconnect from Stripe

Disconnecting an active Stripe account from your Planning Center account can cause issues, including losing the ability to refund payments/donations, charge saved payment methods, or generate accurate reports.

If you need to disconnect from Stripe, contact our Support Team by selecting the ? in the upper right corner of the application.

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