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Organization Administrators and Billing Managers are the only roles with access to the account settings. Billing Managers have focused access to the Billing page and Stripe Payouts. Organization Administrators have full access to all of the account and subscription settings.

You can manage who is in these roles in the Administrators tab on the People page in the account settings.


Scroll to the bottom of the People page to see your account's Billing Managers.


Permissions Breakdown

Organization Administrators and Billing Managers have access to account settings in different ways, but they both have access to payment information.


Organization Administrators receive emails and notifications regarding overages or changes to subscription levels. They're also informed when other Organization Administrators are added or removed from the account.

Billing Managers receive all payment-related emails, including billing statements, payment reminders, and receipts. These are sent to all email addresses listed in a Billing Manager's profile.

If one person wants to receive all notifications, they should be added to both the Organization Administrator and Billing Manager roles.

Organization Administrators

Organization Administrator-Only Tasks

As an Organization Administrator, you will be one of a select few people that can perform specific tasks in Planning Center. Your staff and volunteers may reach out to you for help with these, so it's a good idea to get familiar with them as early on as possible.

Expand the sections below for a list of things that only Organization Administrators are able to do in each product.

Check-Ins and Groups
Registrations and Giving
  • Enable Church Center for hosting signups and your donation form (done in Account settings or Publishing if subscribed)

  • Connect the Stripe Integration for taking online payments (done in Account settings)

Billing Managers

Product Users

In the Product Users tab on the People page, you can see a list of everyone that has been given login access to any part of your Planning Center account and which products each person has access to.



People with access to Services are not included on the Product Users tab. To review your Services users, go to the People page in Services and use the available filters to search.

You can search for people by name and filter the list by Product access to see everyone that has login access to a specific product.


Updating Administrators

You can add or remove Organization Administrators and Billing Managers from the Administrators tab on the People page; however, Product Users must be managed within each product.


Removing someone from the Organization Administrator role can cause some processes to break, especially in the People product. To avoid any hiccups, read through this guide, Staff Transitions before you remove any administrators.

  1. To give account settings access to a new person, type their name in the Add a new Organization Administrator or Add a new Billing Manager field and select the person's name. If that person isn't in your People database yet, create a new profile for them.

  2. To remove someone's administrative access, click the X icon next to the person's name.

Request an Organization Administrator Change

If you need to replace an Organization Administrator, and they are unable or unwilling to make the change themselves, our Support Team can help you make this change. You will need to provide them with the following information:

If you pay by credit card, please include:

  • The amount that you are charged

  • The exact day of the month you are charged

  • The last four digits of the credit card we are charging

  • The Organization Number of your account

If you pay by check, please include:

  • The check number of your most recent payment

  • The amount of your most recent payment

  • The Organization Number of your account

Please email this information to

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