Organization Administrators & Billing Managers

Organization Administrators have full administrator access to all applications and billing options. The person who created your Planning Center account is set as an Organization Administrator, but they can add as many other Organization Administrators as they'd like by following the instructions in this lesson.

Billing Managers only have access to the payment options tab where they can update the payment method & view payment history. They are also the only people who receive copies of receipt and payment notifications. They cannot manage organization settings or change subscriptions.

By Default: The person who set up the account is the Organization Administrator AND the Billing Manager. You must have at least one Billing Manager on your account.

A person will need to exist in your People database before they can be made an Organization Administrator or Billing Manager. See our lesson on Adding People for help with that.

Open the App Switcher and Select Accounts

Click the triangle next to the app logo at the top left of any page to open the App switcher.

Note: Only current Organization Administrators and Billing Managers will have access to the 'Accounts' app.

Add and Remove People from the Administrators Tab

  1. First, click on the "Administrators" button at the top right.
  2. To add an Organization Admin, type their name in the box and select it.
  3. To remove a person, hover over their hame and click the red minus icon.
  4. To add a Billing Manager, type their name in the box and select it.
  5. Save your changes.

In order to add people as Org Admins or Billing Mangers, you must first add them to your account through Our People App. Anyone set as an Org Admin will have full administrator permissions for ALL apps. Billing Managers will keep whatever permission they already have in any apps.

If you are an Organization Administrator and you would like to stop receiving billing notifications and receipts, you can remove your name from the list of Billing Managers. (note: there will always need to be at least one Billing Manager listed so if you are the only one, you will need to add someone first before removing yourself.)

Viewing All Application Administrators

From the Administrators tab you can see all of the users who have permissions to view or make changes in any Planning Center app.

  1. Search for a specific person to see their permissions in every app.
  2. To view all of the administrators for a specific app, click on that app's icon.

Note: Scheduled Viewers in Planning Center Services will not appear in this list.

Requesting an Organization Administrator change

If your current Organization Administrators are no longer at your church and you can't login as them, you must email our support team requesting to change the Administration of the account. Our support team can help you make this change with the following information:

* The amount that you are charged

* the exact day of the month you are charged

* the last four digits of the credit card we are charging

All of this information must come from a current staff member (preferably someone in a leadership role) at your church, directly from a church email address. Please send these emails to, along with:

* The name and email address of the current Administrator

* The name and email address of the new Administrator

Additionally, if you are an Organization Administrator and you would like to remove yourself from that role, you will need to have another Org Admin remove you. You will not be able to remove yourself. If you are the only Org Admin, you will need to add someone else to that role before you can be removed.


All Billing Managers will receive automatic invoices and receipts. Organization Administrators will only receive Subscription Change emails. Both permission levels can access past receipts and payments from the Payment Options page or by going to

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