Canceling Your Account

If you are an Organization Administrator of your account and have decided that Planning Center isn't right for your teams at this time, you can cancel your account.

To cancel your account, you'll need to unsubscribe from all applications. Go to the Apps tab and select Pricing Calculator.

Uncheck the box next to each application to unsubscribe from the application.

Pricing Calculator

Once you've unchecked all the boxes, select Update [your church] Subscriptions to be taken back to the Apps tab.

If you have a prepaid balance left on your account, email our Support Team to have it refunded to the proper place before you fully cancel your account.

To fully cancel your account, Unsubscribe to People.

Once you unsubscribe, no one can access to any apps or files stored in the apps. Your Organization Administrators will receive a cancelation email notification, you will no longer be charged, and you will be sent back to the login screen.

Canceled accounts can be reactived within six months of cancelation by signing back in and resubscribing. After six months, count our Support Team to access your account.

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