Cancel Your Planning Center Account

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If you are an organization administrator and have decided that Planning Center isn't right for your organization, you can cancel your account.

. What happens when I cancel my account?

  • No one can access any information or files stored in Planning Center products.

  • The organization administrators will receive a cancellation email notification.

  • You will no longer be charged.

  • Your data is stored for one year. Once one year passes, all data associated with the account is permanently deleted.

If you're looking to use some products and not others, unsubscribe to the products you no longer want instead of canceling your whole account.

To cancel your account, go to the Products tab.

  1. Select Change plans.

  2. At the bottom of the page, select Disable this account entirely and confirm.

  3. To have any prepaid balance refunded, contact Planning Center Support.


Need to re-open your account? Contact Planning Center Support with your organization ID.

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