Upgrading/Downgrading Your Subscription

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You can upgrade or downgrade subscriptions at any time. Each application has its own pricing level based on the events, resources, or people that your church needs.

If you no longer want access to any Planning Center products, you can cancel your whole account.

Change Your Subscriptions

From the Products page, you can see which applications you've subscribed to and make any needed changes to plan subscriptions.


If you have a legacy package that has been grandfathered in, you will not see what is included with your current plan. If you need to know more about what is in that plan, email us by clicking the ? in the upper right corner.

To make a change to your subscriptions, click Change plans in the Product Plans page.


To update your subscription, choose your new plan from the dropdown, and then click Save Changes.



We do not customize pricing packages; however, since you can upgrade and downgrade at any time, you can upgrade for a busier month and then downgrade for a slower month, if necessary.

How Does a Downgrade Affect Your Account?

If you downgrade to a free account, you will still be able to run reports and lists for the product.

However, for some products, you will need to remove or archive some elements in your account.


What to do if you downgrade


You will need to delete rooms if you have too many rooms for the plan that you want.


Check-Ins is priced by the number of unique people on your busiest day of the week, no matter how many events one person attends that day. You won't be charged for occasional spikes for big events like Christmas or Easter services.

Church Center

Canceling or suspending your account will not disable the Church Center app. Your church will still appear in the app search results, even if you completely cancel all of their subscriptions unless it's manually deactivated.

So if you are suspending your account, disable Church Center.


Downgrade if you expect a smaller number of donations in the near future. If total donors exceed your subscription level, you'll get an email to recommend that you upgrade.


There are two things you can do to reduce group members so that you can downgrade to a lower level:

Note: If a profile belongs to more than one group, they’re still only counted once. So a person would have to be removed from all groups they belong to in order to not be counted as a member.


If you downgrade to a level that doesn’t support custom pages or sermons, you will lose access to those features. If you later resubscribe, you’ll have access to all of that content again.


Registrations is priced by the number of attendees registered for your largest future event . After a large event is over, you can downgrade to a lower level, and then upgrade again if you are planning another large event.


Before downgrading your Services plan:

  • Archive team members if you have too many people in your account.

  • Delete files to reduce your needed storage space.

  • Remove any filters to see the actual number of people in Services.


How Does a Change Affect Your Bill?

If you upgrade or downgrade your subscription in the middle of a billing cycle, those changes are made right away, but you will not be billed for the new payment amount until your next billing date.

If you have a prepaid balance, we will deduct the new amount from that balance in the following months.

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