Upgrading/Downgrading Your Subscription

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Each application has its own pricing level depending on events, resources, or people. Since all subscriptions are based on a monthly plan, even if you pay less often than that, you can upgrade or downgrade subscriptions at any time, tailoring them to your church's needs for that month.

Only Organization Administrators & Billing Managers have access to the Accounts.

From the Apps tab, you can see which applications you've subscribed to as well as the amount you're charged for each app and in total.

  1. If you need to change the package for multiple apps, the easiest place to do that is on the Pricing Calculator. From there, you can see breakdown pricing for all apps and update accordingly. It will show you your new monthly cost for upgrading or downgrading.
  2. View when your account renews to see when you'll next be charged and see how much you have already prepaid, if you may multiple months at a time or by check.
  3. If you simply need to subscribe to or unsubscribe from an application, choose the appropriate button to do so.
  4. To view the total you'll be charged as well as the date of charge, scroll to the bottom of the page. This number totals the packages you've chosen above.

Select Change plan next to any application to change the pricing package.

View your current package as well as packages you could switch to. If what you're needing isn't listed, select Show Additional Packages to see if one of our other pricing packages will work for you.

We do not customize pricing packages; however, since you can upgrade and downgrade at any time, you can upgrade for a busier month and then downgrade for a slower month, if necessary.

Legacy packages, packages we've discontinued but grandfathered people in on, won't show you what is included with your current plan. If you need to know more about what is in that plan, email us by selecting the ? in the upper right corner.

Select Change Package on the new package you'd like to choose then verify your choice.

You'll be taken back to the Apps Tab, where you'll see a message about the change as well as the new price for that application.

Although you've changed your pricing package, you will not be charged until your listed due date.

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