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If you are an Organization Administrator or Billing Manager, you can use the Billing Page to set your payment method, payment frequency, and billing address. You can also access your payment history and receipts, as well as find more information about failed charges.


USD is the only supported currency for payments.

Paying by Credit Card

From the Billing page, add your credit card information, and then click Update account credit card.


Select Credit Card, choose your payment frequency, and then click Update subscription preferences.


Your card will be automatically charged on the date the payment is due.

Updating Payment Information

If you make any updates to the credit card information (including the credit card address), you will need to re-enter the credit card number.

To update the credit card number, click the wastebasket icon to delete the previous number, and then enter the new card number.


After all information has been updated, click Update account credit card.

How your payment is applied

After your credit card information is saved:

  • In most cases, we will charge your card on your next payment date. If your card was expired or your account is past due, we will attempt to charge your card immediately.

  • Each time your credit card is charged, the amount is credited to your account. If paying quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, your card is charged toward your prepaid balance. Your monthly cost is then deducted from that balance.

  • Each month, we send an email to the Billing Manager, letting them know how much was paid.

If you have a prepaid balance:

  • If you upgrade or downgrade your subscription in the middle of a billing cycle, those changes are made right away, but you will not be billed for the new payment amount until your next billing date.

  • We will charge your card again when your balance is insufficient to cover your monthly payment. This could be sooner than the payment frequency that you originally set.

Paying by Check

From the Billing page, choose Check as your payment method if you want to pay by check.

  1. Choose a payment frequency.

  2. Enter your street address and zip code.

Click Update Payment Options to save your changes.

Invoicing and Payment

If your next payment is due in the next month, we send an invoice immediately after you make changes to your billing information; otherwise, we wait until one month before your payment is due.


Make sure to send your payment at least a week ahead of the payment due date.

Include your organization number on the check. That number is listed on the invoice emailed to your Billing Manager and is also at the bottom of every Planning Center Page.

How your payment is applied

After we receive your check, the check amount is credited to your account's balance.

If you have a prepaid balance:

  • Each month, we send an email to the Billing Manager, letting them know how much we've deducted from your balance for that month's charges.

  • If you upgrade your account, we will deduct the increased amount from your balance the following months.

  • We will send another invoice one month before your balance is insufficient, which could be sooner than the initial time period you selected if you upgraded.

Payment Failure or Declined Card

We will never cancel your account, but if we don't receive your payment on time, we might need to suspend it. See the following sections for tips on how to avoid a suspended account.

Credit card declined

If the charge on your credit card is declined, try re-running the card by entering the card number and expiration date again, and then click Update Payment Method.

If the card declines more than once, speak with someone from your credit card company or bank to ensure they aren't blocking any payments to Planning Center.

Check payment failure

If you've sent your check, but your Billing Manager receives a payment failure notice, your account will remain active for three days before it is suspended, marked by a banner at the top of all application pages.

If your account is suspended:

  • If you feel the suspension is in error because the check was mailed with enough time, respond to the payment failure notice email, and our Support Team will assist you.

  • If you have not sent your check but need access to the suspended account immediately, respond to the payment failure notice letting our Support Team know when you'll be sending the check.

Payment History and Receipts

At the bottom of the page, you can view your previous payments made to the account. Each time you're charged, your Billing Manager receives an invoice, and those invoices can also be found by selecting the links under date or kind.



For card payments, you can also access receipts without logging in by visiting the Charges Page and entering the last 4 digits of the card used and your billing zip code.

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