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Organization Administrators can set or update the time zone, country, time, and format for the church's main campus at any time from the Localization tab. You can also set your currency from this tab if Giving or Registrations hasn't been set up yet, but once it is set up, it can't be changed.


Planning Center supports USD and CAD currencies.

From the Organization page, go to the Localization tab. Use the dropdowns to choose your settings for your main campus. Anytime these settings are changed, all products will reflect these changes.


The currency set up here will be the main currency for people giving to your account. You can change that currency in Registrations on a per-signup basis, but you can't change the currency from the Localization tab in Accounts.

If you set the currency for your account and later need to change it, contact our Support Team.


The currency that you set here does not change your billing currency. All billing payments must be paid in US dollars.

What if I'm using a different currency in Registrations?

Only USD and CAD currencies are currently supported for Planning Center. If you have a grandfathered account with a currency selected in Accounts that isn't USD and CAD, you will only be able to use the currency in Registrations if you've already started using it.

If you have other campuses, add their information on the Church Campuses tab.

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