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If you’re part of multiple churches, linking your accounts makes it easy to access your profiles with a single login. By linking accounts, you’ll be able to:

  • Switch between churches without having to log in more than once.

  • View all Services schedules on a single screen.

  • Update your contact information one time and save it to all of your profiles.

Any accounts you want to link must have the same first and last name, password, and at least one email address or phone number in common.


If you want to use two-step verification, you cannot use your phone number as your log in. The accounts must be linked through a shared email address.

Update Profile Information

From your profile in any product, edit your information to be the same for each of the churches you want to link.

  1. Your first and last names should match for all profiles.


    If you prefer to be called by a Nickname, enter it as your First Name in your accounts. If you need your legal name to be noted in any of them, add it in the Given Name field, and it won't affect your login!

  2. You can have multiple email addresses and phone numbers, but at least one should match across all of your accounts.

Select Save to update your profile.

Reset Your Password

Once your name and email address or phone number is the same in the accounts you want to link, log out and reset your password to be the same for each one.

All accounts that have the same email address or phone number will be available for a password reset.

  1. Go to the password reset page and select the Need a password? button.

  2. Enter your email address or phone number and select Send code. Be sure to use an email address or phone number that is listed on all of the accounts you want to link.

  3. Once you receive the verification code in an email or text, select the link to the verification page and then select Continue.

    password reset code.png
  4. Use the checkboxes to choose which accounts need a new password. Set the new password for these accounts.

    password reset_numbered.png
    1. For accounts with two-step verification enabled, choose the highlighted button and follow the steps to change the password

    2. For accounts with no two-step verification, check the box next to the accounts that need a new password, and then choose the highlighted button.


      If your email address or phone number is shared with other people, only check the boxes with your own name. Checking someone else’s name will reset their password. If you do reset someone else’s password by accident, they’ll receive an email letting them know it’s been changed and how to fix it.

Enter a new password according to the parameters and necessary strength.



The password strength meter tests the overall strength of your password. Randomly generated characters usually work; long, memorable phrases can also be used.

Reset Password Errors

If you get an error while resetting your password, follow these steps to fix it.

  1. Delete old verification code emails.

    For security, verification codes will expire after a short time period.

  2. Clear your browser's cookies.

  3. Use this link to reset the password.

  4. Click the new link in the new email.

. Additional tips:

  • Manually enter information.

    Don't copy and paste!

    Sometimes a space will slip in before or after your login information, so re-enter your login and password.

  • Try a secondary email or phone number.

    An administrator or adult in your household may have made changes to your profile on your behalf, including the contact info you use for logging in. If you have a secondary email or phone number in your profile, try logging in with that instead.


Still no luck? Contact your church to make sure your profile is still active.

Link Accounts

When you log in, you can see all the accounts associated with your login information. Accounts that share the same first and last name, password, and email address or phone number are in a box, which means they're eligible to be linked.


If you have accounts that are not linked and have two-step verification enabled, turn off the two-step verification on one of them and then link the accounts. You cannot link two accounts that both have two-factor authentication enabled.

You'll see a button to link the accounts if they're not linked already.

link these accounts_arrow.png


Accounts listed separately and have a first or last name spelled differently cannot be linked. Log in and change the names to match your profile to link them.

When you select Link these accounts, the linking option disappears.

Choose an organization and log in to complete the process.


Toggle accounts by selecting the Linked Accounts dropdown in the upper right and selecting the organization you want to view.



Choose unlink to instantly unlink your accounts and remain logged in to the one you’re currently using. If you change your mind, you can re-link them when logging in again.

My Linked Account Disappeared!

When only a single contact listed in your linked profiles (one email address with no phone number or one phone number with no email) and that contact information is removed from any one of your accounts, it will be removed from all of your accounts and cause them to unlink.

You won’t be able to log back into those accounts until the contact information is restored in each one. You’ll still have access to the account you’re currently logged into, but make sure to re-add your contact info to your profile before you log out of Planning Center.

To regain login access, contact each church and request they re-add your contact information to your profile. Once your email address or phone number has been restored in each account, you can log in and relink them.

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