Setting Up a New Account

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After you've signed up for Planning Center, it's time to set up your account!

Access Account Settings

To get to the account settings, use the product switcher and choose account settings at the bottom of the list.


Add Organization Information

Go to the Organization page to update your account information.


Complete as much of the setup process as you can. Some of the information might be required, depending on which products you're subscribed to. The sections below describe what you need to fill out in each tab.

1. Church Information

Enter your church information, Your church information, including your church name, email, phone number, website, and tax ID number will be used on Giving donor statements.

2. Mailing Address

Your church's mailing address, which will be used on statements, reports, and in searches.

3. Localization

Your main campus time zone and date format entered in the Localization tab will affect times in Services, Calendar and Registrations, and how that information is displayed in Church Center.

The currency applies to Giving or Registrations.

4. Church Center

Church Center is a public-facing web portal and app that allows your church members to manage their profile information, donations, events they've registered for, and groups they attend or lead. They can also view a church calendar or directory and fill out forms.

You can wait to set up Church Center or not set it up at all if you don't want to use it; however, if you plan to use forms or the Giving or Registrations products, Church Center set up is required.

5. Campuses

Any campus information that you add will be used by other Planning Center products to identify the campus, as well as providing information for members logging in with the Church Center app.

6. Integrations

We partner with other companies that integrate with some of our Planning Center products:

  • Stripe to process payments for Registrations and Giving.

  • MailChimp to send bulk emails from People.

  • Checkr to perform background checks for Services and Check-ins.

If you have an account with these systems, connect those accounts. If you don't have an account already and you plan to use any of these Planning Center features, you can sign up for an account in order to use those features.

Set Up Billing Information

From the Billing page, set up your payment information.


Since you can upgrade or downgrade at any time, we send your Billing Manager an invoice every month, regardless of your chosen payment frequency. An Organization Administrator or Billing Manager can access billing statements from the Payment History tab on the Billing page at any time.

Add Organization Administrators and Billing Managers

Organization Administrators have access to account information and application settings. Billing Managers only have access to billing and Stripe information.


Giving is the only exception to this rule. The Organization Administrator who subscribed to Giving can initially give permission to other people to be Administrators. Other Organization Administrators won't have access by default.



If you're not sure who to add as an Organization Administrator, check out the tips on who should be on the team for rolling out Planning Center to your church.

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