Setting Up a New Account

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If you've chosen to stick with Planning Center after your 30-day trial, finish adding your account information in order to fully complete your account. Switching from a different ChMS or starting from scratch is as easy as creating an account and adding people!

Add Organization Information

Go to the Organization page in Accounts to update your account information.

Org info

Choose the tab for the section that you want to set up.

  1. Enter the rest of your church information. The Tax ID number will also be listed on their giving statements, so make sure it's correct.
  2. Enter your church's mailing address to make sure that it's correct on statements, reports, and in searches.
  3. From the Localization tab, add your main campus time zone and your chosen date format. If you're using Giving or Registrations, you need to set your currency as well.
  4. Set up your public-facing Church Center web portal and app.
  5. Add information for any additional campuses that your church has.
  6. We partner with Stripe to process payments, MailChimp to send bulk emails, and Checkr to perform background checks. If you have an account with these systems, connect those accounts; if not, you can sign up for an account in order to use those features.

Set Up Billing Information

From the Billing page, set up your payment information.

Payment options

Since you can upgrade or downgrade at any time, we send your Billing Manager an invoice every month, regardless of your chosen payment frequency. An Organization Administrator or Billing Manager can access billing statements from the Billing page at any time.

Add Organization Administrators and Billing Managers

Organization Administrators have access to account information and application settings. Billing Managers only have access to billing and Stripe information.

Giving is the only exception to this rule. The Organization Administrator who subscribed to Giving can initially give permission to other people to be Administrators. Other Organization Administrators won't have access by default.

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